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A Natural, Our Front Man, The Minister Of Ozz, Has A Tremendous Ability To Mimic Ozzy Osbourne, In Look, Sound, And The Way He Carries Himself, And Has Been Performing In Front Of Audiences Since A Young Age Of 5 Years Old. The Minister Is A Legally Ordained Minister And Is Licensed To Legally Perform Wedding Ceremonies, As He Impersonate Ozzy Osbourne The Whole Time He Performs The Ceremonies, A Must See!!  He Is In Fact A Ozzy Impersonator and has been doing the Impersonation Of Ozzy Osbourne Since The Early 2000’s. And Is Available For Hire With The Band Or Without.18089_946697002037513_196391097943643052_nOur Ozzy " The Dark Prince"14089296_10209611243869134_5113126700443465683_n

Our Ozzy ” The Minister Of Darkness


Guitarist Billy Wylde Has Performed in Front Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of People, While Traveling the U.S.A. Early In Is Career & Performs As Tony Iommi, Randy Rhodes, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde, And Ozzy’s Newest Guitarist, Gus

(((Bassist-Position))): We Are Looking For A Professional Player To Fill This Position, Must Have Pro Equipment and Professional Attitude. Contact Jerry/Ozzy at

Drummer David Fihe, Started Performing For More Than 35 Years Ago, and Before Settling In With Sweet Leaf He Was A Serious, Thrash Metal Drummer, Dedicated to Detail, A Great Percussionist.11188464_1141844565832937_3360847290748038106_n